Each district is designated to submit a recipe from a certain food group.  Complete one or more recipes from your designated food group ONLY.

The committee is looking for original recipes from your kitchen.  If you are submitting a recipe from a cookbook, please give credit in your recipe (at the bottom).

  • Open the template and click enable editing.
  • Use the dropdown box to add your respective district.
  • Fill in recipe information  – Use Times New Roman with 12 point font. This will ensure uniformity when recipes are submitted.
  • Go to file and save as Your name and District
  • You may need to save to Desktop and then email the document to mahebert11@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, submit them to my email address  mahebert11@gmail.com.  Deadline to submit a recipe is January 15, 2019.  Let’s get cooking!!

South District          Salads

Southeast District    Appetizers

Central District        Breads/Finger Foods

Northwest District    Desserts

Northeast District     Vegetables

Southwest District    Meats and Casseroles  

updated 8/27/2018